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New Hires, Promotion, Faculty Awards, and Grants
June 8, 2018

Faculty New Hires, February 1, 2018-May 31, 2018

Emily Fain, MD, Assistant Professor, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Christopher Friedrich, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine

Megan Mitchell, MSN, Assistant in Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology

Emily Elder, APRN, Assistant in Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology 

Dena Ibrahim, MD, Assistant Professor, Outreach Medicine


Promotions, February 1, 2018-May 31, 2018

Brian Bridges, MD, Associate Professor, Critical Care Medicine

Prince Kannankeril, MD, MSCI, Professor, Cardiology

Anna Morad, MD, Associate Professor, General Pediatrics


Faculty Awards, February 1, 2018-May 31, 2018

Jennifer Sucre, MD, Assistant Professor, Parker B. Francis Fellowship, Francis Family Foundation

Rebecca Swan, MD, Associate Professor, Robert S. Holm, MD, Leadership Award, Association of Pediatric Program Directors

Adam Esbenshade, MD, MSCI, Assistant Professor, Vice-Chair Cancer Control and Supportive Care Committee, Children’s Oncology Group

David Parra, MD, Associate Professor, Mid-Career Minority Faculty Leadership Seminar, Association of American Medical Colleges

Kathy Edwards, MD, Professor, 2018 VMAA Distinguished Alumna Award

Arie Nettles, PhD, Associate Professor, Academy for Excellence in Teaching

Travis Crook, MD, Assistant Professor, Academy for Excellence in Teaching 

English Flack, MD, Assistant Professor, Nashville Business Journal’s 2018 Women of Influence.


Recent Grants, February 1, 2018-May 31, 2018 

Mark Denison, R01 Renewal NIAID, Determinants of Coronavirus Fidelity in Replication and Pathogenesis

Lisa Young, R01 Renewal, NHLBI, Mechanisms of Pulmonary Fibrosis in Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome

Steve Webber, U01 Administrative Supplement, NIAID 

Michael DeBaun, DDCF, Clinical Research Mentorship (Jodi-Anne Stewart Med Student), Leptin levels and lung function correlates of low body mass index in children with sickle cell anemia

Giresh Hiremath, ACOG, Jr. Faculty Dev. Award, Label Free Determination of Biomolecular and Biochemical Alterations in Eosinophilic Esophagitis: Bench to Bedside Application of Raman Spectroscopy

Leigh Howard, IDSA, Uncovering complex pneumococcal dynamics in the vaccine era using new molecular serotyping tools

John Phillips, Genzyme, Request for Lysosoaml Storage Disease Focused on Fellowship Proposal

Jennifer Sucre, Parker B. Francis Foundation, Wnt Signaling in Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia

Stephen Patrick, NIAID, Improving Access to Treatment for Women with Opioid Use Disorder

Deborah Friedman, NCI, Research Into Visual Endpoints and RB Health Outcomes After Treatment: The RIVERBOAT Consortium

Buddy Creech, NIAID, VTEU, Task Area C, Task Order 14-0079.C1.0105 (Scout Cap)

Jason Christianson, Project Heart, Novel non-contrast magnetic resonance lymphangiography for congenital heart disease patients with lymphatic abnormalities

Jessica Duis, FAST, Evaluation of the safety and tolerability of a nutritional formulation in Angelman Syndrome

Stephanie Attarian, AAP, Navigating nutrition for the NICU Neonate

Kevin Ess, Hunters Hope Found, Leukodystrophy Care Network, Care Coordinator

Jeffrey Neul, RSRF, Rett Syndrome Clinical Trial Consortium

Shari Barkin, Aldi, Aldi Smart Kids, Nashville Collaborative Teaching Kitchens

Deborah Friedman, Hyundai Hope on Wheels, Identifying Challenges in Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Care

Rachael Schulte, Rally Foundation, Effect of SLCO Polymorphisms on High-Dose Methotrexate Clearance

Rachael Schulte, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Effect of SLCO Polymorphisms on High-Dose Methotrexate Clearance in Pediatric Oncology Patients (Young Investigator Award)

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