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Adolescent Medicine Learning Resources
A searchable index of presentations, lectures, patient handouts, rotation handbooks, didactics and more. In the Learning Database, select Adolescent Medicine from the "Specialty" drop down menu to see a list of related articles. (VUnet ID required to download some articles.)

Training Opportunities

Medical Students
Medical students may work with our faculty through the Vanderbilt Emphasis Program, a unique self-directed study during the first two years of medical school. This program seeks to harness the student's skills, talents, and passions by allowing them to pursue a project of their choosing. 

Graduate Study in Psychological Sciences
Applicants to the doctoral training program in clinical psychology may work in Dr. Walker's research lab. Click here for an online application to the graduate program.

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Biobehavioral Interventions Training Program
Dr. Walker is a faculty mentor for the Biobehavioral Interventions Training Program. Learn more about this program through the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.

Fellowship in Pediatric Subspecialties
Dr. Walker serves as a research mentor for Fellows in Pediatric Gastroenterology and in Adolescent Medicine. These fellows may apply for support on the T32 Training Grant in Pediatric Patient-Oriented Research, directed by Kathryn Edwards, M.D.  During their fellowship training, Fellows also may complete the Masters in Public Health or the Master of Science in Clinical Investigation.

Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate students participating in the Honors Program in Psychology or Child Development may request Dr. Walker as their research mentor. Visit the Honors Program website to contact the current program director and request more information.

Undergraduate students may also gain valuable research experience by working as interns in Dr. Walker's lab. Research interns learn a variety of skills such as data collection and coding, interviewing pediatric patients and their families, and participating in a multidisciplinary research team with graduate students and faculty. Please contact  Sherelle Noble, sherelle.noble@vanderbilt.edu, to learn more about these opportunities.

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