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The Williams Laboratory at Vanderbilt University

Electron Micrograph of hMPV
Electron Micrograph of hMPV

The Williams laboratory studies the immunology and pathogenesis of human metapneumovirus and other respiratory viruses. Human metapneumovirus (hMPV) is a novel paramyxovirus that was only discovered in 2001. Numerous studies by our group and others have shown that hMPV is a leading cause of acute lower respiratory tract illness in infants and children worldwide. There are no licensed antiviral or vaccines for hMPV and little is known about protective immunity and viral pathogenesis. We have developed animal models for hMPV, purified prototype viral strains, generated recombinant viral proteins and identified a cellular receptor. Our research is in three major areas: a) pathogenesis and immunity in the animal models; b) cell entry of hMPV; c) structure and function of the fusion protein. We seek both to understand the immunobiology of this important human pathogen, and to facilitate the development of preventive and therapeutic strategies.

Laboratory Members

Key Publications

hMPV-infected cells in culture
hMPV-infected cells in culture

Chest X-ray of a 6 month old infantwith hMPV bronchiolitis
Chest X-ray of a 6 month old infant with
hMPV bronchiolitis
























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