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Improving prenatal care in TennesseeThe Tennessee Initiative for Perinatal Care (TIPQC) seeks to improve health outcomes for mothers and infants in Tennessee by engaging key stakeholders in a perinatal quality collaborative that will identify opportunities to optimize birth outcomes and implement performance improvement initiatives. TIPQC was envisioned by Judy Aschner, M.D., former director of Neonatology, who with her colleagues on the Tennessee Perinatal Regional Advisory board initiated a data sharing agreement that has rapidly grown into a statewide quality improvement consortium.

The goal is for all 27 NICUs in Tennessee, as well as obstetrical and pediatric practices, to join TIPQC to participate in evidence based, data-driven projects to improve prenatal care, reduce infant mortality and reduce complications of preterm birth. All NICUs are asked to join an existing national quality improvement network called the Vermont Oxford Network (VON) and to share data about NICU practices and outcomes. TIPQC will develop tool kits for quality improvement projects, teach teams how to implement and monitor changes in their practice and establish a statewide database to analyze the impact of those changes on infant outcomes. Peter Grubb, M.D.of the Division of Neonatology is serving as TIPQC's first medical director.



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