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Launched in October 2011, the Hazinski Society for Junior Faculty Development is beginning to see measurable improvements in connections among Pediatrics faculty.

Geoffrey Fleming. M.D., and Bill Cutrer, M.D., presented early data at two national meetings. They reported that over the first 18 months of the program, junior faculty self-reported significant improvement in scholarship and professional development. 

“In particular, junior faculty reported increased ability to write career goals and align current activities with those goals,” said Jill Simmons, M.D., assistant professor of Pediatrics in the Ian M. Burr Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes. There was a significant increase in the number of activities spent related to career goals, post participation. The Hazinski leadership team is currently havig the survey data analyzed with the goal of sharing the findings in 2014. 

“Although members report that topics have been beneficial, most said the greatest benefit of the Society is improvements in networking within the Department,” added Simmons. “Members have found a ‘safe place’ to discuss career decisions, dilemmas and conflict as well as sharing successes.”

“We have mapped interconnectivity between faculty members based upon responses to surveys pre- Hazinski Society and at the end of 18 months of the Program,” said Simmons. “We found that prior to the formation of the Hazinski Society, there were several “nodes” that were well-connected to many others within the Department of Pediatrics. However, there were groups, often made up of individuals within one division, who had no apparent connectivity with others outside their division.  After 18 months of the Hazinski Society, the mapping demonstrated much more interconnectivity within our department and we no longer see individuals who report only connectivity to others in their same division.”

About 90 junior faculty members meet monthly in small peer mentorship groups of 8-10 junior faculty with a senior faculty member serving as a facilitator.  Junior faculty members are guided to resources to help them successfully navigate the complexities of academic medicine. The society is named in honor of Dr. Tom Hazinski and continues his legacy of encouraging junior faculty development.

Hazinski Society for Junior Faculty Development

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