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Comprehensive Hematology, Immunology, and Infectious Disease Program (CHIIP)
September 11, 2017

The creation of CHIIP allows multi-disciplinary evaluation and management of immunodeficiency and related immune dysregulatory disorders, which can be complex and difficult to diagnose and treat in children. Our program is the first of its kind in the Southeast and one of only a handful of centers in the country.

The field of immunology is evolving at a rapid pace. New disorders are being described frequently. Genetic testing also allows us to diagnose patients that previously may not have fully met criteria for a specific condition, but who have features suggestive of immune-mediated disease.

The program is led by James Connelly, M.D., a nationally respected hematologist/oncologist who specializes in stem cell transplant for nonmalignant conditions. Team members include Donna Hummell, M.D., and Yasmin Khan, M.D, from Pediatric Allergy and Immunology; Dan Dulek, M.D., from Pediatric Infectious Diseases; Carrie Kitko, M.D., from Stem Cell transplant; Heather McDaniel, M.D., from Hematology; and Sarah Neumann, clinic coordinator. This collaborative approach ensures patients receive the most current diagnostics and treatments.

Patients will see multiple doctors during a single clinic visit. CHIIP focuses on a number of diagnoses, including immune deficiencies, dysregulated immune disorders, bone marrow failure syndromes, lymphoproliferative disorders, immune mediated cytopenias, and undiagnosed constellations of symptoms that suggest immune, hematologic and/or infectious etiologies.

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