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February 23, 2018

One of the core missions of any successful academic institution is to provide quality education to the next generation of physicians and other health care professionals. Yet this aspect of our work frequently goes unnoticed or underappreciated as we strive to provide excellent patient care, lead cutting edge research efforts ... and learn how to use Epic! This is why I am very thankful for our department’s core group of medical educators. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure we are providing exceptional educational experiences for students, residents, fellows and faculty. 

A perfect example of this passion for education excellence is our pediatric residency program. Under Dr. Rebecca Swan’s leadership, we just completed another successful year of interviews for the incoming intern class that will start in July. From almost 1,300 applications, we interviewed 289 students from 36 states. I want to offer a huge thank you to Rebecca’s team, including Brooke Austin, the Pediatric Residency Program Coordinator; Dr. Whitney Browning; Dr. Tyler Reimschisel; the chief residents; and Lyndi Hopkins for the countless hours they devoted to this enormous task. I also want to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to the more than 70 faculty who interviewed the applicants. We obviously could not have done this without your support. I appreciate your taking the time out of your very busy schedules. 

I will also take this opportunity to acknowledge the work of many other educators. Drs. Maya Neeley and Travis Crook tirelessly coordinate the complicated pediatrics rotation for our medical students and supervise the Acting Internship for those students who have chosen a career in Pediatrics. Travis also works with Dr. Aida Yared as a Master Clinical Teacher in Pediatrics. In this role, they assist students in refining their history-taking and physical examination skills.I am pleased that Dr. Charlotte Brown is now helping in this capacity, as well.

Many of you serve as directors of Advanced Clinical Electives or Integrated Sciences Courses. Thank you for your time organizing these experiences and teaching and assessing students. These offerings are extremely important because they are frequently instrumental in  leading a student to select a career in children’s health. In addition, I want to thank Dr. Ann Stark who oversees the core curriculum for our multiple fellowship programs, and I want to commend her and the other fellowship directors for the significant amount of time each of them spends recruiting, educating and mentoring the next generation of pediatric subspecialists. 

I know they would join me in thanking their fellowship coordinators for all the time and support the coordinators provide to their respective programs. Dr. Joe Gigante works within the Office of Faculty Affairs to provide ongoing medical education to ensure that our faculty are equipped to be effective clinician educators. Tara Minor, the educationalist in our department, helps in innumerable ways to make sure all our programs run smoothly, including assisting with our online platforms, coordinating our evaluation and assessment system and scheduling our continuing professional development series. Finally, I appreciate Tyler’s help in coordinating all the education programs and initiatives in our department. It is because of these dedicated educators that we are consistently successful with this important mission.



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