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The Division of Hospital Medicine is committed to continually improving pediatric inpatient hospital care through research and other scholarly work. We are currently collaborating with other institutions as well as other divisions within the Vanderbilt community to advance the care of hospitalized children.

The Division is currently participating in a four-year clinical, multi-centered study investigating the epidemiology, treatment, and disposition of hospitalized infants and children with bronchiolitis. The goal of this research is to determine risk factors for having more severe courses of bronchiolitis, to determine if certain treatments for bronchiolitis have an impact on improvement, and to follow up with these hospitalized children.

Additionally, the Division is looking at how staff-only hospitalist models impact patient care satisfaction among hospitalized children. As the rates of hospitalized children increase each year, residency programs have not been able to meet the staffing demands to care for these children. In addition, RRC duty hours limit the amount of time residents care provide patient care.

The Division of Hospital Medicine is also partnering with the Division of Infectious Diseases to investigate other methods of treating skin and soft tissue infections caused by methicilin-resistant staph aureus (MRSA).

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