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The Department of Pediatrics provides outstanding education opportunities for medical students. Our goal is to foster the knowledge and clinical experience necessary to develop basic skills in the evaluation and management of health and disease in infants, children and adolescents.

The pediatric clerkship is an introduction to the care of children and emphasizes those aspects of pediatrics that should be understood and mastered by all physicians, regardless of ultimate career goals. Students will develop an understanding of the growth and development of children and implement knowledge they obtain to care for common childhood conditions and diseases. Students will also work with children and families to develop an understanding of the importance of preventive medicine and how social and environmental factors affect children.

We also provide a variety of clinical opportunities for third and fourth year students in Pediatric Acting Internship (AI) and Pediatric Advanced Clinical Electives (ACEs). Our excellent faculty and residents are motivated educators and we all look forward to working with you on your rotation!


Travis Crook
Travis Crook, M.D.
Maya Neeley
Maya Neeley, M.D.


Lyndi HopkinsLyndi Hopkins
Department Education Coordinator


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