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The Digestive Disease Research Center promotes digestive diseases-related research in an integrative, collaborative, and multidisciplinary manner. In addition to enhancing the basic research capabilities of established investigators, the center attracts investigators not currently involved in digestive diseases-related research to pursue these lines of investigation to facilitate the translation of basic research findings to the clinical area. The center also develops and implements programs for training and establishment of young investigators in digestive diseases-related research. Learn more about the DDRC.

William O. Cooper, M.D. (Member) 
James E. Crowe, Jr.,M.D. (Member)
Lynette Gillis, M.D. (Member)
Jonathan D. Gitlin, M.D. (Member)
William E. Russell, M.D. (Member) 
Lynn S. Walker, Ph.D. (Member) 
John Reese, M.D. (Member)
Sari A. Acra, M.D. (Associate Member) 
Kent C. Williams, M.D. (Associate Member) 
Fang Yan, M.D. (Associate Member) 
Julia Anderson, M.D. (Associate Member)
Michael Rosen, M.D. (Associate Member)
Nipun Merchant, M.D. (Associate Member)
Steven J. McElroy, M.D. (Associate Member)
Lawrence Scheving, M.D. (Associate Member)
Kelly Thomsen, M.D. (Associate Member)
Hendrik Weitkamp, M.D. (Associate Member)

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