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The Vanderbilt Diabetes Center provides a comprehensive approach to diabetes treatment, prevention, and research by facilitating diabetes-related efforts at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Programs to educate and train students and fellows provide the next generation of caregivers and scholars, and the Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center supports the diabetes-related research efforts of almost 100 faculty members with access to several sophisticated core resources. the Vanderbilt-Eskind Diabetes Clinic provides comprehensive diabetes care to more than 1500 children with diabetes from Middle Tennessee and seven surrounding states.Integration of pediatric and adult services in a single clinic creates an environment that enhances both diabetes care and research. Learn more about the Vanderbilt Diabetes Center.

H. Scott Baldwin, MD (Investigator) 
Todd S. Callahan, MD, MPH  (Investigator)
Terence S. Dermody, MD (Investigator)
John A. Phillips, III, MD     (Investigator) 
William E. Russell, MD  (Investigator) 

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