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The names, addresses and Social Security Numbers of all prize recipients, employees and non-employees must be attached to the check request for each recipient that is receiving a prize

Prizes represent gift cards, cash and non-cash (i.e. platters, rings, jackets, crystal bowls, etc) awards conferred to an individual in recognition of religious, charitable, scientific, educational, artistic, literary or civic achievements.

Employees are individuals who work for Vanderbilt either full or part-time. Student employees are not considered Vanderbilt employees under this classification.

Complete a Check Request: The check request for cash prizes should be completed in accordance with the check request procedures. You can call Disbursement Services (2-7597) or Financial Management (2-2301) for additional information.

Cash Prizes
The Prize Information Form must be completed and attached to the check request that is sent to Accounting or Financial Management before the check can be issued from Vanderbilt funds.

Non-Cash Prizes
For non-cash prizes whose value equals or exceeds $100, a Prize Information Form must be completed for each recipient and sent to the Payroll Office shortly after the prizes are conferred. A copy of the invoice should be attached and sent with the prize form. To determine if a prize's value exceeds $100, divide the total invoice cost for the prizes by the number or recipients.

The Prize Information Form should not be used for:

  • A check request for dinners, entertainment, decorations and other such purposes that are for the communication of the prize.
  • Non-cash prizes, whose value per recipient is less than $100.

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