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Amos Christie, M.D.The Christie Society fosters ongoing connection, interaction and fellowship among pediatricians who trained, served or worked at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital and the Vanderbilt Department of Pediatrics at some point in their career. The society's name honors Amos Christie, M.D., who chaired the Department from 1943 until 1968. Dr. Christie's profound impact on those who worked closely with him continues to exert an effect still felt at Vanderbilt.

The Department has subsequently been ably led by David Karzon, M.D., Ian Burr, M.D., Arnold Strauss, M.D. and Jonathan Gitlin, M.D. Each of these leaders trained cohorts of residents and served as an encouraging mentor and inspiration in the challenging days of pediatric residency. The Christie Society is a venue for ongoing camaraderie among all those who learned to be pediatricians here or furthered their pediatric skills at Children's Hospital.

Vanderbilt Pediatrics has a strong legacy of recognizing and applauding the crucial role played by the housestaff in the life of the department. We realize that the present and future of Children's Hospital is built on a foundation of labor and compassion for children laid down by trainees across generations. Based on such a foundation, the patient care, research, teaching and service prospects of the Vanderbilt Department of Pediatrics have never been brighter. In newsletters, the website and other contacts, we hope to inform you of news about Children's Hospital, remember those who invested in us along our paths as pediatricians and bring you news of other alumni. We would love to maintain contact with you.




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