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VaccineAll research is based upon individuals that voluntarily commit to participate in a study. Without the gracious help that we receive from the community, it would be so much more difficult to further the fight against these infectious diseases.

If you would like to be a part of a community of volunteers participating in clinical research, please feel free to contact us at vaccineresearch@vanderbilt.edu.

Click here to sign up for the Vaccine Trials database.

The Volunteering Process

Pre-Screening Phase

  • You express interest by contacting us by email: vaccineresearch@vanderbilt.edu, or by phone at: 615.322.8792.
  • We ask you questions over the phone to determine if you may qualify for the study.
  • If the initial phone screening indicates that you may be eligible for the study, then we'll send you a consent form. A consent form outlines the details of the study (i.e. risks, benefits, purpose, compensation, etc.).
  • After reading the consent form, you may call us back to clarify any questions and/or schedule a screening visit if you are interested

Screening Phase

  • At the beginning of the screening visit you will sign a consent form. This is an informed consent, so every effort will be made to help you understand all the details of the study. If there is anything you do not understand about the study, please ask.
  • After informed consent is obtained, then the screening visit will continue per that study's protocol.

Enrollment Phase

  • If the results from your screening visit indicate that you would qualify for the study, you will be scheduled for an enrollment visit and receive study vaccine. Please note that the screening and enrolling visits happen at the same time for some studies.

Monitoring Phase

  • You will be monitored after joining the study. We typically monitor your body's immune response through blood samples and have you keep a record of how you feel and any symptoms after receiving study vaccine. Monitoring may require additional visits and/or phone calls to the Vanderbilt Vaccine Research Program.

This process is used for most, but not all of our studies. If at anytime you would like to know the process for a specific study, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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