Challenges to improve child health surround us - regionally, nationally, and globally. Eleven million children die each year before  age 5, with 4 million of these deaths occurring within the first month of life. Long-term disabilities compromise the lives of countless others.

Erin Plosa neonatologyOur mission is to provide every child with the opportunity for health of mind and body. This commitment to health starts before birth and continues as we strive to establish lifelong wellness.

We pursue an ideal based on curiosity and innovation that will change the lives of our children and those of generations to come. Through our efforts we seek to understand, improve the treatment of and ultimately prevent common, devastating disorders of childhood - birth defects, infections, malnutrition, traumatic injuries, cancer, diabetes, premature birth and more. By establishing a platform for discovery that promotes collaboration across programs in the medical school, our progress will continue to accelerate.

We invite you to get to know our faculty and their work, share our excitement, and join us on our quest.

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