eStar: What’s next after training?
September 11, 2017

Classroom training is now in full swing. If you haven’t had your classroom training, remember to complete your online eLearnings at least 24 hours prior to your classroom sessions. There are very few opportunities to reschedule. If you reschedule you won’t get training related to your area of practice. During these sessions questions often arise. This is normal! Staff members are trained to compile these questions, find answers, and respond to the team.

After you complete your classroom training, you’ll have access to the eStar Playground where you can keep your skills sharp and practice before Go Live. In the Playground, you’ll have practice patients and scenarios that you can work through on your own time.

Everyone also must complete a two-hour Personalization Lab. These labs will help you tailor eStar to your own preferences. During these sessions, you’ll create your own SmartPhrases (MyText equivalent) and customize the system to make your work more efficient. You may want to work with your colleagues to create SmartPhrases that can be shared among your entire group. There are multiple ways to make the work you do easier and faster using customizable tools in eStar. Personalization Labs will get you started.

In October, there will be both institutional and local dress rehearsals across VUMC. The institutional tests will focus on patient transfers from unit to unit (e.g., EDORICUwardshome). The local dress rehearsals will focus mostly on unit or clinic-level processes for typical patient encounters. If you are invited, please attend.