Hazinski Society Kick-off 2018
August 27, 2018

Entering its eighth year this fall, The Hazinksi Society for Faculty Development’s mission is to enhance career development skills for members of the Department of Pediatrics. The Hazinski Society is a small-group mentorship program, open to faculty members in the Department regardless of academic track, with a focus on those members not yet promoted to the rank of associate professor. We discuss topics specific to promotion and others such as work/life balance, time management and academic politics that apply across all tracks.

The goal of the monthly hour-long meetings is to provide a framework for peer mentorship and networking within the department through a forum of facilitated small group discussions. Concomitantly, participants are provided with resources to promote career development through discussions and reading materials. Each group consists of eight to 10 faculty members, with senior members serving as facilitators. There are currently eight groups, with three groups specifically devoted to faculty members within the first three years after faculty appointment. The advanced group consists of faculty typically five or more years out of last training, some of whom are associate professors. Additionally, there is a group specifically for members on the tenure track.

To date, the Hazinski Society has been responsible for thousands of mentorship hours in the Department of Pediatrics. Curricular materials have been peer-reviewed and published in MedEd Portal. The program has been published for its success in improving faculty members’ knowledge, skills and attitudes about professional development and scholarship, as well as networking within the department.