Developmental Medicine

Down ClinicDevelopmental Medicine focuses on assessment and treatment of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Our clinics provide developmental screening, medical evaluation and treatment and psychological assessment and intervention. We offer care to children with a wide variety of developmental concerns, including autism, cerebral palsy and spasticity, intellectual disability, developmental delay and ADHD.

We conduct research in close collaboration with the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. Faculty members investigate autism, sleep in children with autism, how the brain patterns of those with dyslexia change when learning new words and assessing the utility of behavior management education for families.

Developmental Behavioral Fellowship Training Program

We are committed to providing an aspiring developmental-behavioral pediatrician with an exceptional educational experience, professional support, and academic opportunities to become a successful specialist.

Our mission

  • Provide excellent patient care, quality medical education and innovative clinical research programs to children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families
  • Develop new standards for developmental disabilities services that address patient and family concerns in a timely manner without compromising the quality of patient care