Ian M. Burr Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes

Led by William E. Russell, M.D., the division excels in clinical care, research, and training programs covering a wide range of hormone-related disorders. Approximately half of our patients are referred to us for diabetes care. Our pediatric endocrinologists also diagnose, treat, or investigate disorders of the adrenal glands, bones, growth, the pituitary gland, puberty, thyroid, sex development, and a variety of genetic disorders.

Our trainees are high visible on the national stage and Vanderbilt excels at nurturing research careers in a stimulating and collaborative environment. Areas of particular research interest include the pathogenesis and prevention of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, the genetic causes of obesity, the mechanisms of peptide hormone action, the regulation of bone growth and development, the endocrine health of childhood cancer survivors, and the endocrine determinants of premature birth.

To be the ultimate resource for children with endocrine disorders in the central U.S. through superior patient care, training programs for the next generation of leading physician scientists, and cutting-edge advances in the endocrine care of children.