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A balancing act
An important component of residency training is the balance between our professional and personal lives. Faculty members, staff, and residents share the common goal of creating a family-oriented workplace that allows for personal development and relaxation away from the hospital.


We have implemented a Wellness Program at Children's Hospital that uses resources both in and out of the hospital to promote resident camaraderie, health, mindfulness, and overall wellness.

A resident-run, leadership-supported Wellness Committee is responsible for scheduling monthly out-of-hospital activities that are appropriately spaced and diverse.

The committee is divided into three sub-groups.

  1. Mind: mindfulness and other activities during our resident conferences
  2. Body: physical fitness, nutrition, and health
  3. Spirit: social and entertainment activities outside the residency

Examples of activities include "Wellness Wednesdays" (a resident facilitates a mindfulness activity during morning conference), monthly birthday celebrations (sheet cake once a month to celebrate all the birthdays), EAP reminder (monthly reminder of the Employee Assistance Program that provides confidential counseling and other support services), and after-work activities (hikes, happy hours, etc). A Wellness Newsletter distributed to the resident advertises the residency wellness events as well as providing information about affordable exercise classes, local PCPs willing to work in residents on short notice, and other resources in the community.  The GME also has a Health and Wellness page for Residents.  Link to GME Health and Wellness

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Department social events

  • Department Holiday Party - in December, held at a restaurant downtown
  • Monthly Book Club - with residents, fellow, and faculty, at a private home
  • Intern Retreat - First-year residents focus on team building and recognizing the value of different personality types. This retreat takes place at a local nature center. The agenda and specific activities vary from year to year. Intern Day Out is organized and run by the Chief Residents.
  • Career Day - Second-year residents focus on career advancement and planning. Residents are broken up into small groups to solicit advice from experts in the following fields: Careers in Primary Care and Hospital Medicine, Selecting a Fellowship Program, Applying for Fellowship, Clinician-Educator, Physician Scientist, Work-Life Balance and Financial Planning. The morning session is then followed by an afternoon social activity of the class' choosing.
  • Third Year Day Out - Third-year residents are given the opportunity for a day off in June for a social event, at a local venue that they select.  Past events have included canoe trips and pool parties.
  • Hat Day - A year-end roast of each of the interns/residents, by the housestaff. No attendings allowed!
  • Resident Appreciation Day - A day off at year's end in which the faculty and fellows assume all clinical duties for 24 hours. The residents typically spend the day at a local water park or lake, enjoying time off together.
  • Manuary - in January, held during a noon conference slot, this is a social event / fundraiser that raises money for a resident chosen charity by auctioning off beards of various faculty, residents, and fellows.

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