Lamb Center for Pediatric Research

The Lamb Center for Pediatric Research is an interdisciplinary research unit combining interests in infectious diseases, microbiology, and immunology. The Center, established in 1990 through the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. George C. Lamb, Jr., is dedicated to basic research in the molecular pathogenesis of pediatric infectious diseases. Lamb Center investigators study how viruses target distinct tissues in the infected host, enter into host cells, reprogram the cellular environment to allow viral replication, and antagonize host defense mechanisms to cause disease. A current thrust of Lamb Center efforts is to use model viruses as platforms to develop new viral vaccines and virus-based therapeutics. See below to learn more about our investigators.

Mark R. Denison, M.D.
The Denison Lab studies the coronaviruses, a family of plus-strand RNA viruses that cause important infections in many animals and colds in humans. Dr. Denison's laboratory has focused on the replication and cell biology of a mouse coronavirus, murine hepatitis virus (MHV), which is a model for studying SARS-CoV and other coronaviruses. Learn more about Dr. Denison's research.

Gregory J. Wilson, M.D.
Dr. Wilson's laboratory has two main areas of study. The first is to understand how non-enveloped viruses are uncoated (or disassembled) using mammalian reoviruses as a model system. The second is to develop reovirus as an oral vaccine to prevent HIV infection using the reovirus reverse genetics system. Learn more about Dr. Wilson's research.