Laboratory Research

Lamb Center for Pediatric Research

The Lamb Center for Pediatric Research is an interdisciplinary research unit combining interests in infectious diseases, microbiology and immunology. Established in 1990 through the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. George C. Lamb, Jr., the Center, is dedicated to basic research in the molecular pathogenesis of pediatric infectious diseases. Learn more about our investigators and their laboratories.

Mark R. Denison, M.D., Interim Director
Gregory J. Wilson, M.D.

Vanderbilt Vaccine Center

Our laboratory studies focus on the molecular basis for the development of effective T and B cell responses to viruses in humans, and on the cell biology of virus infection in polarized epithelial cells. We also have active programs in biodefense research, vaccine and monoclonal antibody development, nanomedicine, and biotechnology. Current studies center on respiratory syncytial virus, human metapneumovirus, rotavirus, and vaccinia virus. Learn more about our investigators and their ongoing research projects.

James E. Crowe, Jr., M.D., Director